750W Vapozon Ozon Bedampfer Dampfger?t Gesichtssauna Kosmetikstudio Maschine

Description From this moment on, let your skin shine beautiful and radiant! This professional facial steamer not only effectively improves your skin problems, but also deeply moisturizes, making your skin soft and smooth. It is made of high-quality materials with a long service life and has a thoughtful design, making it convenient for you to use anywhere. If you are looking for a care method that can bring optimal care to your skin, this facial steam is your ideal choice. Key Features Radiant Skin: The steamer has ozone ions, which can purify the water quality. Its nano spray can also improve the moisturizing degree, fineness and elasticity of the skin, making the skin more smooth and delicate and glowing it with radiance. High-quality Material: Made of high-quality ABS and iron, the.