Livivo Milchshake Maker Maschine 500M Eis Smoothie Protein Shakes Cocktail

​The retro style Milkshake Maker by LIVIVO will have you whipping up creamy milkshakes, ice cold frappes, protein shakes, malt drinks and more. ​ Today, milkshake machines are not just found in diners. Smaller versions are becoming a favourite dessert-making appliance in many home kitchens. ​ Favourite milkshake flavours include chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, but when you have your own machine, everything from mango and coconut to peanut butter and marshmallow is possible. ​ Powered by a 100-watt motor and comes cup capacity of 500ml, with a safety switch which prevents operation without the cup in place. ​ Not only is this great for drinks but can also be used for mixing pancake batter, eggs and much more. Milkshake machines have no blades; therefore, they are safer than blenders since there is less risk of injury.