2-Arten Ozone Bedampfer Dampfgerät Kosmetikstudio Gesichtssauna Verdampfer

08A Description: Ozone Ionic Facial Steamer is designed for beauty salon or personal care use at home. Its sprayer has the function of generating O3 (Ozone), so as to speed up skin nutrition absorption. Also O3 can sterilize and whiten your skin, improve blood circulation and metabolism.  Specifications: Voltage: 220V Power: 750W Frequency: 50HZ Spray type: single tube (hot spray) Model: 08A Fogging time: 121-180 seconds Features: 360 ° rotatable nozzle. The nozzle can be adjusted up and down. The pulley of chassis device can move in all directions. Multiple effects, improve the skin moisturizing effect. Strong permeability:Under the action of electro pneumatic pressure, water / nutrient molecules rapidly decompose and atomize, penetrate the surface layer, reach the muscle bott.