JL Audio 1in 25mm 150w Komponenten Auto Audio Stereo Hochtöner Paar mit Frequenzweiche

The JL Audio C1 component tweeters are engineered to deliver refined performance, with excellent off-axis response and high-frequency extension. Utilizing true, edge driven 1.0-inch aluminium domes with silk suspensions, the C1-100ct component tweeters provide smooth, detailed reproduction of treble frequencies from 3.6 - 22 kHz. The tweeters can be flush-mounted or surface-mounted with the supplied fixtures to fit a wide variety of installation needs. Inline, outboard, 12 dB / octave, high-pass filters are included to ensure smooth response and reliability. These filters also are equipped with Advanced Tweeter Protection Circuitry to improve power handling and reliability. When it comes to value, C1 is the real deal! Sold as a pair. Surface-mount and flush-mount .