Kaico SEGA Dreamcast DC SD-Adapter Adapter für dreamshell mit Boot-CD

Easy to use plug and play device. One end of the adapter slots into the back of the Dreamcast's serial port, and the other end has space for an SD Card. Tested with some SD cards upto 16GB, however I would only recommend 4GB and 8GB cards. No modifications are needed and to boot into Dreamshell a copy of the boot CD is also included in the order. Download ISO's directly from ISO Zone (providing you own the original's) or another source and play your favorite DC games. Please Note: Due to the limitations of the 'read speed' of the serial port, some games do not run at full speed and can lag at times. If you are truly looking for a hard-drive speed Dreamcast ISO setup, then you must look at opening up the Dreamcast and removing the GD-ROM drive and replacing it with a new circuit, which requires soldering.