Free McBoot FMCB 1.966 Sony Playstation 2 ps2 16mb Speicherkarte OPL BSG HD MC Boot

This is a Brand New Memory Card which has only been opened to install the custom software. All our Memory cards are packaged and sealed in anti-static memory bags, designed specifically for shipping memory chips to prevent damage whilst in transit. The installs are 'mutli-region' and therefore work on both PAL/NTSC consoles from any country. Features: McBoot version 1.966 (newest version released) Unlock additional features from your PS2 Completely custom install - The only one on eBay with these extra applications Installed on a brand new memory card Compatible with all fat and slimline versions of the Playstation 2 apart from the Slim SCPH-9xxxxx models Works on any Unmodified/Original Console (Accept model listed above) Custom Application List: ■ uLaunchElf v4.4.2d (Used to launch .